Duraznitos oil on gesso board
6×6 inches

If I had to name a passion that has been within me all my life, it would be that of making art.  I still have clear visions of my grandmother, my abuelita, giving me the stiff paper her nylons came folded on, to use for my drawings.  I remember my uncle Joe, tiito, commenting on how pretty my crayoned drawing of a Christmas lighted house was…..even though it was summer when I drew it!

I am happy I grew up in an era where we had modern conveniences such as television and telephones, but had not yet become a wireless society.  My carefree days of summer were spent riding my bike, reading, and countless hours painting little landscapes with oil pastels and india ink.

My teen years flew by in a flurry of dances and boys and before long I was married and having 4 beautiful children and art was something long gone from my childhood.  My life took me in another direction until art resurfaced and I began to really think about learning it in ernest.

Now I am on the downward side of life, the clock is ticking down, slowly I hope. But with each passing day the passion to make art gets stronger.  I’ve gotten better but still have so much to learn.  I sometimes think I try too many things and so I never excel in one.  But, that is okay with me.  The joy I feel when making any kind of art is really all I need to feed my passion.

Explorations into Color Film

I signed up for a workshop with Bridge, an organization committed to bringing the arts to the San Diego and socal communities.  I’ve taken several workshops with them and always come away with new skills and inspiration.  To prepare for the Color Film Developing workshop I chose to shoot color film all of March for my 366foto project.   So for March here are my daily color film photos (and one large format black and white) which I made and developed myself.


At the end of last year I gave myself a goal to DO MORE ART.  Yes, photography is one of the fine arts.   To accomplish this I gave myself some ways to do this and wrote them down in my Bullet Journal.   In order to achieve this I committed  to a year long photography project which I call 366foto.  Yes, I know, this year only has 365 days but I will include January 1, 2018 as my last day.

I chose to work with film and several of my film cameras.  I am making photographs of life around me, usually nothing too exciting.  Still,  my life in 2017.  I choose a photograph for each day of the month and place them in a photoshop document.  By the end of the year I will choose the 12 best photographs of the year.  To quote Ansel Adams,

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”

I am hoping for a decent crop.

Please enjoy the first two months of my 2017 #366_366foto project and follow me on Twitter and Instagram at mARTasArt for a daily photo.


Maddy and Her Pink Glasses


Charcoal on toned paper

Portraiture, per definition, is the art of making portraits.

For me, capturing a likeness is easy.  Capturing an expression, an emotion, is not.   I find portraits  in photography and other art media equally as challenging.  I like the portrait rendered in black and white for initial sketches and studies.  The expression/emotion is better captured when it’s devoid of color.

In this little study I had caught Maddy looking up at me after I had made some photos of her at her Daddy’s laptop.  The moment captured instantly, but immortalized forever.   At some time I might paint this, in color.  Because of course who can look at Maddy and not see her blonde tresses, pink glasses and princess blue dress.